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New Promise Lutheran Church St George, Utah

The New Promise Faith Community

We Are Called

God has called the community of Christians at New Promise to share the promise of Christ’s love in our lives and through our worship, prayer, and service in the greater community.  

New Promise Lutheran Church is a congregation which seeks to live boldly in the confidence of God’s Promise of forgiveness, life, and salvation, and to make known the power of that promise to make all things new.   

New Promise Lutheran Church is a congregation of the ELCA located in St. George, Utah.  With the proximity of Snow Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon we have constant reminders of the grace of God. Unlike these wonders of creation, over 10 thousand years in the making, God’s work at New Promise has gone much quicker. New Promise began in 1995 with about 12 people meeting in the basement of the St. George Baptist Church. Today there are some 200 individuals at worship on a regular basis and meeting in a beautiful new building on the West side of St. George.  And yet, we recognize that just as God is not finished with these canyons, we too are still in the making. As individuals and as a congregation, God is still at work in us: shaping us for his purpose, and calling us to live confidently in the promise of God revealed in the cross of Christ. 

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